SISC 26th Anniversary 🎉

Southville International School and Colleges recently celebrated their 26th Foundation Day. We were given the privilege of facilitating their Thanksgiving Service for the Christian Staff.

It was a great time of celebrating God’s faithfulness as we remembered the journey that has been! We also gleaned on the story of David and learned from his attitude of continuous gratitude. How throughout his life, he always pointed to God as the Source of his everything–success, passion, love, strength, resources, everything.

And we concluded that thanksgiving is a humble response to God’s testimony of consistent faithfulness to our lives–personally and as a family & community in Southville.


With the Christian Staff of Southville. We thanked God for the 26 years of His faithfulness to Southville! 😊

Along with these faithful workers, we are excited to keep being the salt and light in Southville and together, we will continue partnernering with God in changing this campus and changing the world! 🌍


Ministry Partners, THANK YOU for your heart to disciple the next generation! 🙏🏻


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